Structured Settlements And Higher Taxes – What You Don’t Know

The year in question has seen one of the biggest increases to taxes. When one factors both state and local taxes, there could be many situations where individuals could end up paying 50% of their income in many cases. This is not the end and there are quite a few other tax proposals which could [...]

Benifits of Structured Settlement Lock-Ins

Structured settlement is the process or the tool used for negotiating the finances of a party. Under this there is a settlement done in the form of an agreement between the claimants and the life insurance consultants. The agreement is made by matching the needs of the client with the offered benefits by the insurer. [...]

Let it Slide – Pocket Doors for Saving Space

Image from DIY Advice.

Anyone who is building a new small home is going to be looking for ways to save space. Without a doubt one of the best ways to do this is to install internal and external sliding doors and to incorporate closets, cupboards and cabinets with sliding doors when you design the interior [...]

Build Your Own Small House Video

I recently ran across Sebastian Peña y Lillo, an animation artist in Chile, and loved his work! After giving him some ideas of what I was envisioning for a little animation clip he got to work.
Hope you like the result, too! I think many of us dream of having a little house [...]

Tiny House Burns Down

Kim Langston, friend of Dee Williams, was almost complete with her tiny house when it burned down! It looked like Kim would’ve been ready to move in in a couple months time. Unfortunately, the barn next to the tiny house burned and her tiny house caught fire, too.
Here’s the before and [...]

FTA blasts TfL over Congestion Charge hike

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has accused Transport for London (TfL) of using underhand tactics to bury an increase in the London Congestion Charge amid news of the Comprehensive Spending Review.
That TfL’s announcement of the £2 per visit increase came on the same day as the Comprehensive Spending Review was ‘not purely a coincidence’, [...]

Cat catches MWM

Caterpillar is buying German engine manufacturer MWM Holding from private equity company 3i for £514m in cash.
MWM specialises in engines powered by natural gas and special gases as well as diesel. This includes a combined heat and power systems and trigeneration solutions that can operate on a wide range of fuels including natural gas, [...]

Siltbuster cracks concrete washwater conundrum

Wastewater management specialist Siltbuster has developed a system to capture and treat high pH water generated when washing out of concrete trucks on construction sites. It said many contractors resort to capturing the highly alkaline concrete wash water in polyethylene-lined skips and dispose of it without treatment - in contravention of the Environment Agency’s Pollution [...]

Skyjack and Shaughnessy part company

Steve Shaughnessy has left Skyjack. He was president of the Canadian access platform manufacturer but no details are currently available regarding the cause or nature of the split.
Shaughnessy is also President of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and recently opened the Federation’s new headquarters (pictured).
In a statement IPAF said Shaughnessy had agreed [...]

‘Quick change’ Roadhog launched

GenQuip has upgraded its Roadhog mobile welfare unit to allow the pod to be swiftly removed from the vehicle chassis. This is because the welfare pods have an average life of 10 years but the 3.5t chassis cabs on which they are mounted are often leased for three or four years. The company will be [...]